Yuga Labs Advances in Dispute with Creator of « Fake » Bayc tokens

Yuga Labs advances in dispute with creator of « fake » BAYC tokens

The Court for the Central District of California dismissed motions filed by artist Ryder Ripps and Not Larva Labs NFT marketplace founder Jeremy Caen in their litigation with Yuga Labs.

In June, the company behind the NFT collection Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) accused Ripps and Caen of producing and selling « fake » tokens that « devalue » the original works.

In October, the defendants filed motions to dismiss Yuga Labs’ objections and the bad faith claim under the state’s Anti- SLAPP law . The court denied those claims.

« Our lawsuit to hold Ripps and Caen liable for their apparent and egregious theft of Yuga Labs’ trademarks rightly moves forward with this decision, » a company spokesperson wrote in a comment to The Block.

Recall that in December, law firm Scott+Scott filed a lawsuit against Yuga Labs on behalf of http://crypto-currency.website/vvs-finance-crypto/ holders of BAYC and ApeCoin project tokens.

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